9-11 Remembered

FlagI was teaching second grade at Snowden, and another teacher taking her students to the cafeteria stopped by my classroom and called me to the door. “We’ve been attacked,” she said, “New York City has been attacked.” It took a moment to sink in, then I turned back around toward my children who were sitting quietly, happily unaware. I remember thinking that everything had suddenly changed, that we were not safe, that anything could happen / had happened. The rest of the day, whenever any of the teachers had a small break, we gathered to watch the news on TV, huddling together and holding on to each other. We were told not to discuss the attack with our students that day; administration thought it would be better for their parents to talk to them first. In the days that followed, my seven- and eight-year-old kids worried about where New York was. I had to keep showing them on the map. They wanted reassurance that it was far away.

Afternoon with Judy

IMGP0383IMGP0349IMGP0426Few things in life can equal the pleasure of a close, long-term friendship.  Judy and I have known each other since our college years, back in the late 70’s, and have weathered many rough storms in each other’s lives.  It is medicine for the soul to sit down with her for an afternoon of conversation.  Read more of her story HERE.

Connecting Memphis


Introducing CONNECTING MEMPHIS, a new blog featuring Memphians.  Inspired by Humans of New York, it’s a place to meet some of the interesting people who make up our city.  Check it out HERE OR just click the Connecting Memphis tab at the top of this page.  New photos and conversations will be added daily!

Trolley Night in the South Main Art District is always a treat!  Tonight was especially so, as Phil and I had the pleasure of meeting Heather Howle and Sue Layman, two Memphis-based artists with very different bodies of work.


Much like Vincent Van Gogh, Heather relies on deep brush strokes and a vivid sense of color to interest and alter the viewer’s perspective. Using the Impressionistic principles of the 19th century as a true inspiration for her art, Heather hopes to connect to the viewer in a fresh, original way. — from Heather Howle’s website


IMGP9684IMGP9688 IMGP9685 IMGP9687


As a self-taught synergistic artist and owner of Sue Layman Designs, Sue Layman Lightman has a passion for contemporary art. Her passion is reflected through her work as oil and canvas coalesce with vivid colors and bold shapes placed in arrangements that create unique dimensions. — from Sue Layman’s website


IMGP9696 IMGP9700 IMGP9705 IMGP9713

Trolley Night is the last Friday night of every month.  Come on out and enjoy the art and music of Memphis!


This young man was serenading passers-by with Peter, Paul, and Mary’s Blowin’ in the Wind.


Click HERE or on the picture above to hear Crossing Over, as presented on 8/6/14.

It Is Well


Tomorrow evening I’m scheduled to speak at “Peak of the Week”, a class that meets on Wednesday evening at church.  The talk will be based on my recent article, entitled Crossing OverI’m happy to be with people I love and share some things I’ve learned along the way.  If I don’t forget to do it, I’ll make a recording and post the link.


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