Click HERE or on the picture above to hear Crossing Over, as presented on 8/6/14.

It Is Well


Tomorrow evening I’m scheduled to speak at “Peak of the Week”, a class that meets on Wednesday evening at church.  The talk will be based on my recent article, entitled Crossing OverI’m happy to be with people I love and share some things I’ve learned along the way.  If I don’t forget to do it, I’ll make a recording and post the link.


I really loved visiting the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR, today.  More photos HERE.


What a wonderful evening we spent in Mountain View tonight!  This is J.C. Bonds, long-time musician.  He was so generous with his time and attention.  Played a number of requests just for us.  We also met Pam Setser, Joe, and Misty.  To see more photos, click HERE.



I’ve just finished reading Twin by Allen Shawn.  In a passage that really resonated with me, he describes how moving his family to Vermont affected his art:

My music lost its self-consciousness [after the move]… It almost seemed as if what I had needed more than anything all along was a kind of privacy I would never find in New York… I needed to protect the fragile inner world my music revealed.  It was as if too much public attention to it would mean that it no longer belonged to me, and I would lose my ability to judge it.

I remember that same sort of feeling the one time I joined a writers’ group and read some of my in-progress work aloud.  I didn’t know until that moment how exposed and invaded I would feel.  I realized then that I need to work alone, with the feedback of only one or two close friends.

The Kiss


I captured this image inside a museum one afternoon and have always loved it.  I happened to think of it this evening as I was going through the lessons in an online photography class I’m taking.  Those everyday, ordinary moments of life can be so magical…


photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

I got Robby John’s newest CD, Runaway, last night!  This guy has something to say, and he does it so well.  The music is memorable, the lyrics haunting. One of his pieces, Freedom, is on Youtube, in case you want a preview.  I was delighted to do the photography for the CD cover  (which almost landed us at 201 Poplar, but that’s another story – ha!).  Talented, godly man, husband, father, minister, and friend.


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